Game Rules


First, you should understand that while Swagger feels like a Sportsbook, we are a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) site. Swagger is unlike any sports gaming website or app that’s out there. That shouldn’t scare you, because we’re different in all the right ways. We have a huge selection of player props across a wide variety of sports. However, like other DFS sites, we only offer multi-player props (i.e. parlays), not single-player props or end-of-game bets (i.e. spread, moneyline or over/under). Our unique points system is the core of our game and it’s what allows you to win cash prizes without the perfect ticket. It may take you a minute to get it, but once you build your first ticket you’ll see just how easy and rewarding it is.


Props, picks, markets? If you’re not 100% sure what we’re talking about, here’s a quick visual and reference to help you better understand these rules.

  1. Proposition/Prop/Market/Market Prop/Player Prop: These words are used interchangeably and always refer to the outcome (question) you’re trying to predict. In the example below it’s the question - How many passing touchdowns will Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) throw in the game?

  1. Pick/Selection: These words are used interchangeably and always refer to your actual prediction. In the example below, you have three (3) picks to choose from, each one worth a specific number of points.


Your Goal is to score as many points as possible in a single ticket. The higher the score, the higher your cash prize.

There are 5 key components of our game:

  1. The Props: We have the biggest and best variety of player props in DFS. Let’s use the NFL as an example - while other sites offer passing yards for the two starting QB’s of the game, we go beyond that, offering props for RB’s, WR’s, TE’s, defensive players, 3rd down specialists and even special teams players in some cases. Why is this cool? Because the starting QB’s may suck, but the two stud pass rushers could rack up sacks.

  2. Your Contest Entry (ticket): You will build a ticket containing multiple picks from a single game or from several games across as many sports and leagues as you want.

  3. The Points: Each pick has a unique points value based on the probability that it will hit. Your total ticket score is made up of the picks you hit. You are not penalized for the ones you miss. This is cool because of…

  4. The Prize Boards: Your ticket will have a corresponding Prize Board based on the number of picks and buy-in amount. Your total ticket score will determine your cash prize, even if you miss a few picks.

  5. The Game Types: We currently offer two games - ActionX and PickX. We plan on offering more games in the future. Each one has its own lobby and slightly different rules. You can play ActionX or PickX, but you can’t include picks from both games in the same ticket.


The steps for participating in a Swagger contest are the same whether you play ActionX or PickX:

ActionX Prize Board

PickX Prize Board


There are two basic parts to ActionX:

  1. Props are focused on individual players

  2. Each prop offers 3 picks for you to select from

In order to play an ActionX contest:

  1. Select ActionX from the game menu

  2. Pick a sport from the list of icons at the top of the ActionX game lobby

  3. If there are multiple leagues available, as in the case of soccer, pick one from the league menu

  4. Pick a game from the list represented by the two player jerseys

  5. Build and submit your 2-10 pick ticket/entry

  6. You can pick another game, league or sport to combine in your ticket

Additional things to know:

  1. Any games/events with a lock icon are not available for play until the lock is replaced with an X symbol indicating the game is unlocked and all the props are available for selection

  2. The number next to the X symbol indicates the number of props available for that game (x20 means 20 props available)

  3. Most games will be open for play approximately 8 hours prior to the start of the game; however, certain games and events, such as golf, tennis, and the NFL, may be available several days in advance.


PickX also features player props, except you have to select an Over/Under outcome.

In order to play a PickX contest:

  1. Select PickX from the game menu

  2. Choose the sport from the icons

  3. Choose the league, if available

  4. Choose the game

  5. Build your 2-10 pick ticket of over/unders

  6. Submit your single-game ticket or add picks from other games or sports



The Jackpot is a unique feature that allows you to make a 2nd buy-in of $1 on a ticket entry which includes the maximum number of picks, to potentially win bigger prizes. The Jackpot is available on both ActionX and PickX. The Jackpot prizes can be viewed on the Prize Board for all eligible tickets while creating an entry. An eligible Jackpot entry is activated by selecting the Jackpot buy-in when prompted as you are completing your ticket entry.

ActionX Jackpot

PickX Jackpot


Settling a prop means that the associated live game/event has been played and has ended, including all playable minutes unless otherwise stated in the prop description or if the Draw option is available as a pick. This is how we treat all sports except soccer, wherein all props will be settled based on regular time (90 minutes + injury time). Settlement is based on the accredited sport or league reference site, which cannot be disputed.

If a live game/event is stopped ahead of full time or not completed within 12 hours of the original starting time, your associated picks will be voided.


The player associated with a prop must participate in a live game/event in order for your pick to score points. A player is considered to have participated in a live game/event if he/she starts or plays. This is specified in the prop by hovering over the question mark to the right of the prop. If it is determined that a player included in a prop did not participate in a live game/event, then the pick will be voided. Reasons for determining that a player did not participate in a live game/event may include, but are not limited to, injury prior to the start of the game, DNP, COVID, other illnesses, game/event cancellations due to weather, unrest or other factors.

If your ticket has voided picks, you will not score the points associated with those picks. You will score the points associated with any live (not voided) picks in your ticket that you predict correctly. Your Prize Board will be recalculated based on the number of live picks that are settled. For example, if you submit a 10-pick ticket, and 2 picks are voided, your Prize Board will be based on an 8-pick ticket instead of the original 10-pick ticket.

Your ticket must settle with at least two (2) live picks in order for you to score points. If a ticket settles with less than two (2) live picks, the entire ticket is canceled and you will receive your buy-in amount back in full. For example, if you submit a 4-pick ticket with a $10 buy-in, and 3 picks are voided, you will receive your full buy-in of $10 back into your Available Balance account. You can use that money immediately on a new ticket.

If you submit a 10-pick ticket that includes the Jackpot buy-in for $1 and one or more picks gets voided resulting in less than 10 live picks, then your Jackpot is voided and your $1 buy-in for the jackpot is refunded.


The Prize Board is a table showing several point ranges with respective cash prize payouts. Your specific Prize Board is determined by the game type you’ve selected (ActionX or PickX), the total number of picks in your ticket and your buy-in amount. Each Prize Board is a contest, and your ticket is your entry.

Swagger includes various Prize Boards for a 2-pick, 3-pick, 4-pick, 5-pick, 6-pick, 7-pick, 8-pick, 9-pick, and 10-pick tickets for both ActionX and PickX. A 10-pick Prize Board also includes Jackpot prizes.

Each Prize Board includes several point ranges with associated cash prizes. The amount of the cash prize is based on your buy-in amount. You win a cash prize based on the total score of your settled ticket. There is a minimum amount of points you must score in order to win a cash prize, therefore not all settled tickets are winners, even if they’ve scored points. The size of your cash prize is based on your buy-in amount. Therefore, a settled $5 four-pick ticket with a score of 125 points wins a lower cash prize amount than a settled $10 four-pick ticket with a score of 125 points.


There are times when we may need to review a payout amount before we can issue the cash prize into your Available Balance. While the rest of our payouts happen automatically and quickly, any payouts under review may take up to 24 hours to be processed. In these instances, a notification will show up at the bottom of your ticket under the My Tickets/History page.


From time to time, a prop is settled with a tie between more than one pick. For example, if a prop is provided for “most hits” in a baseball game and two of the picks tie. In this situation the Dead Heat Rule will apply. In a Dead Heat scenario, your pick will be awarded its associated points divided by the number of winning picks. For example:


In addition to winning instant cash payouts, Swagger players also automatically participate in Swagger Leaderboards. There’s no additional fees or registration needed to participate in Leaderboard contests. Consider these contests a bonus, where you could win additional prizes above and beyond your cash payout if you rank among the best players in the Swagger Community. Leaderboards are our way of boosting the competition on Swagger. Our Points System is one way that Swagger is different from all other fantasy sports sites. Not only do points show the probability of each pick, they level the playing field. So no matter how much money you play, your score, not your bankroll, determines your rank among the Swagger community of players. With Leaderboards, we take the scores from your tickets and rank them against all other players. Then we give away prizes to the highest ranked players. Throughout the year, we will offer various Leaderboard contests, each with specific rules to determine how your points get counted towards the respective Leaderboard. For example, our Season-Long Pro Football Leaderboard includes the sum of your top 10 highest-scoring tickets throughout the NFL season, based solely on your NFL picks. Likewise we have Monthly Leaderboards that take the sum of your top 5 highest-scoring tickets. Each contest will have its own prizes, consisting of site credits, sports memorabilia, merch, game tickets and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can find active Leaderboards by clicking on the “Leaderboards” link in the Game Lobby Menu.